HIST490 Independent Study: History (3 semester hours)

An opportunity for History students to pursue an independent research project or examine a specific area of history under the mentorship of a single professor. Course is open to History majors only. The course will typically involve a major research paper; there will be no examination. Students will submit a proposal prior to the start of the project, and a rough draft of the paper, both of which will count toward the final grade. To be eligible for an independent study, students must be enrolled in a bachelors degree program, must have completed 24 hours at APUS toward their current degree program, and should have already contacted a professor and gained approval for the independent study topic. Once these conditions are met the student should contact their academic advisor. Once the course is open the student must complete an official online registration for the course. (Prerequisites: HIST300/HS334 for History and Military History majors only)