HDFS402 Benefits of Therapeutic Play (3 semester hours)

This course provides an overview of the principles of therapeutic play, including history, theories, techniques, applications and skills. The content focuses on basic therapy skill development within the context of ethical and cultural diversity-sensitive practice. Attention is given understanding the role of therapeutic play in the context of the participant’s clinical (medical treatment) and non-clinical system (family, school, community). Participants learn strategies for engaging children in art, music, and other alternative therapeutic play to educate them on an adult’s diagnosis or on their own diagnosis. Participants are introduced to a variety of online resources available for further support. Interest in or pursuit of Child Life certification is not required. (Prerequisite: HDSFS401)

Bachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies


...courses: HDFS401 - Child Life Theory and Practice HDFS402 - Benefits of Therapeutic Play HDFS403 - Death, Dying...