EVSP699 Environmental Policy and Management Capstone (3 semester hours)

Designed specifically for students with an interest in scholarly research or continuing their academic career in doctoral studies, this course requires students to present original scholarly research. The capstone thesis must have a substantial research component, which will include research questions and presentation of an original argument using proper academic writing conventions. Students writing a capstone thesis will collect and analyze data from carefully documented primary and/or secondary sources, and will develop a rigorous research paper in the style of a traditional scientific paper (i.e., abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, references). The capstone thesis must represent an original contribution to the body of knowledge within the broad field of environmental policy and management. The theories, research methods, analytical skills, and substantive knowledge obtained through the Environmental Policy and Management curriculum provide the basis for the thesis project. NOTE: This is intended to be the final course in the degree program. This course is 16 weeks in length. (Prerequisite: EVSP500 or EVSP601)