EVSP697 Fish and Wildlife Seminar (3 semester hours)

This course will consist of an internship or practicum at a park, refuge, or other land managed for fish and wildlife or at an approved non-profit organization that allows the student to gain field experience in the discipline. The experiential or practical component of the class aims to apply learning in an aspect of interest related to the field of fish and wildlife management. It is understood to be a supervised practicum that requires approval by APUS before entering into a relationship with the organization. The selection of an organization or site for the practicum must relate to the content of the student’s course. Goals of the applied practicum seminar will be submitted by the student for approval to the Instructor and Program Director. The practicum will serve as an opportunity to experience the practice of an area of fish and wildlife management related to the focus of the student’s degree. This seminar should be completed in one of the student’s last few semesters.