EVSP696 Capstone Project (3 semester hours)

This course gives students the opportunity to address real-world issues relevant to their profession, plan and execute a project, and contribute to their discipline while developing mastery of selected skills. Capstone projects may originate from a wide variety of options such as standard operating procedures, training manuals, comprehensive land management plans, designing sustainable communities, communication plans, remediation site plans, proposals for changes to environmental regulations, or other environmental policy and management solutions. The capstone project option is suggested for students wishing to terminate their formal studies with the MS degree, and who have an interest in the application of solutions to real-world concerns. The format will be proposed by the student and approved by the instructor. The capstone project must demonstrate originality and will follow the style requirements set by the department. NOTE: This is intended to be the final course in the degree program. Students must have a 3.0 GPA to enroll. This course is 16 weeks in length. (Prerequisites: EVSP500 or EVSP601)