ENTD300 User-Centered Experience Behavioral Design (3 semester hours)

This course provides a study of behavioral user experience (UX) techniques, strategies, tools, and tactics. This course will be taught utilizing a mixture of analytical and practical methods.The course examines UX principles and human behavior patterns, as well as how they are used to improve the UX design of products, services, and processes. Course topics include common types of behavioral UX Issues, user personas, behavioral UX data analysis, and user behavior and psychology. Other topics covered in the course include behavioral design, human computers and cognition, and usability analysis. The course begins with introductory UX concepts and lays the foundation for more advanced topics. The course covers both conceptual and scenario-based exercises, which will enable students to more easily comprehend and retain the course material. (Prerequisite: ENTD120 and WEBD122)

ENTR300 Foundations of Entrepreneurship (3 semester hours)

This course studies the foundations of entrepreneurship through the context of innovation, entrepreneurial processes and concepts, and ethical decision-making. By studying how different decisions result in different outcomes and by understanding the unique strategic requirements of a venture, this course investigates entrepreneurship and the creation of new ventures. Students learn the basic theories used to explain and understand entrepreneurial activity, which prepare them to plan a new business opportunity.