ENTD361 Enterprise Development Using VB.NET: Introduction (3 semester hours)

This course is a study of the .NET framework. Students will examine the differences between Visual Basic (VB) and VB.Net, the Common Language Runtime (CLR), Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL), the XML Web Services platform, .NET Framework Class Library, and examine Visual Studio.NET and Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET). They will create classes, properties, methods, constructor methods, sub-procedures, and function-procedures. They will handle events, explore datatypes, build Window forms and Web Forms, add and interact with controls, specify events, develop event-handling code, and add menus. They will also evaluate ADO.Net, choose an ADO.Net provider, connect to a database, and perform database interactions. Students must have access to Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition (or higher). This software is not provided by the course material grant and must be purchased/provided by the student.(Prerequisite: ENTD200)