ENTD200 Fundamentals of Programming (3 semester hours)

This course introduces students to writing computer programs. The class presents the principles of structured programming using the Python® language, one of the most increasingly preferred languages for programming today. Because of its ease of use, it is ideal as a first programming language and runs on both the PC and Macintosh platforms. The course is designed for people without previous programming experience who do not necessarily plan on becoming professional programmers. However, the knowledge gained in the class can be applied later to other languages such as C and Java®. Participants learn to solve problems logically by breaking them into smaller pieces, which can then be solved. The course uses standard Python to afford a more interactive experience. Topics include: introduction to computing - how does a computer work?; input and output - getting information to and from the user; variables and expressions - performing arithmetic; data statements - reading information from inside the program; text files - reading information from other files; arrays - groups of variables; debugging - finding errors in your program; graphics; and formatting - changing how things look on the screen.Python® is a registered trademark of the Python Software Foundation.JavaScript® is a registered trademark of Oracle America, Inc.

ENTR200 Leadership in Small Business Ventures (3 semester hours)

This course outlines appropriate processes to evaluate potential employees. This course was designed and developed to guide students through recruiting, advertisement planning, and hiring the most qualified applicants. Students research comparable pay rates and the cost of compensation for employees, learn of the most effective methods for motivating employees, and learn about employment law.