ENGL420 Advanced Creative Writing (3 semester hours)

Writing is an expression of self. It is the process of putting yourself, your thoughts, your ideas, your deepest fantasies, and your greatest fears on paper. Nobody writes the way you do! And nobody can write what you choose to write in the same exact way! ENGL420 will focus on maximizing self-expression in writing; in other words, together, we will discover the voice inside longing to be heard, longing to sing out. We will hone your writing ability using tried and true techniques so that you can tell your stories in a way that is accessible to others. In ENGL420, we will explore fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, songwriting and screenwriting, and develop the tools and the methods necessary to know the differences among them. Bring your creative spirit, your imagination, and your willingness to risk to write the story of your life. (Pre-requisite: ENGL101 or ENGL110)