ENGL320 Freelance Writing (3 semester hours)

Have you ever wondered where magazines, newspapers, websites, and blogs find the content they deliver? In our current age of information, there is an increasing reliance on freelance writers to take on articles of interest and to fill the gaps in both online and print publications. ENGL320 will teach you how to successfully pitch an article or idea via an industry-standard query letter, write hooks and ledes that will capture an editor’s attention, and execute a variety of non-fiction articles for unique audiences. Additional topics include performing market research to determine the best home for your article, how to handle rejection gracefully, and how to fine-tune and polish your writing for publication. In ENGL320, you will learn practical skills that can be immediately applied to help advance your non-fiction writing career, so whether you’re ready to find an audience for your work or you just want to see what freelance writing is all about, this is the course for you! (Prerequisites: ENGL101 or ENGL110)