ENGL200 Composition and Literature (3 semester hours)

This course is designed to focus on critical reading and writing skills. It emphasizes reading and writing by enabling students to experience literature as one of many forms of language and offers effective ways of highlighting reading strategies in a number of different contexts. (Prerequisites: ENGL101 or ENGL110)

ENGR200 Introduction to Engineering and Computing (3 semester hours)

This course provides an overview of the engineering profession and introduces the student to writing computer programs. The course provides information about different engineering disciplines and gives an overview of electrical engineering. The APUS electrical engineering concentrations are introduced and it describes what career opportunities are available in those concentrations. Additional Engineering subjects are presented including Engineering Ethics and Management. The class presents the principles of structured programming using the C++ language. The course is designed for engineering students without previous programming experience. Topics include: Introductions to computers, C++ programming, classes, objects, strings, control statements, recursion, functions, arrays, vectors, and pointers. Finally, an introductory engineering design problem will be presented which gives the students an opportunity to solve a problem. (Prerequisite: ELEN100)