EMHS699 Emergency and Disaster Management & Homeland Security Capstone (3 semester hours)

Preparation for the Emergency & Disaster Management and Homeland Security Master’s Thesis Capstone Seminar begins on day one of a student's graduate program of study. The theories, research methods and analytical skills, and substantive knowledge obtained through their master’s curriculum provide the basis for the master’s thesis. Students will support the thesis effort, including gathering bibliographic and reference materials on the thesis topic including developing individual course research papers that may become sections of the final master’s thesis. Students will address the requirements as described in the syllabus and classroom assignments. The master’s thesis proposal shall be prepared in accordance with the standards of the academic discipline. The master’s thesis proposal must provide a clear and lucid description of a topic and a proposed method of analyzing the problem. Students must have completed all other course work before taking the master’s thesis seminar. Capstone courses are 16 weeks long and cannot be taken along with any other course.