ELEN440 Mechatronics (4 semester hours)

This course covers the foundational concepts in mechatronics. It introduces students to the required skills necessary to design a complete mechatronic system. Students will learn about the use and integration of sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, and various types of software required to interact with hardware. Students will gain a system-of-systems approach to designing a complete mechatronics system and how to structure and interface to electromechanical systems. They will also gain practical experience through laboratory exercises in design of graphical user interfaces and real-time operating systems needed to control mechatronic systems. Students will also design feedback control systems with time and task constraints. NOTE: This course requires the student to purchase additional materials that are not covered by the book grant. Please refer to the Course Materials section for additional details. (Prerequisites: ELEN312 and ELEN416)