ELEN436 Advanced Power Electronics (4 semester hours)

This course takes a student with prior knowledge of electrical machines, power converters, and linear control systems and provides knowledge of advances in power electronics such as modeling DC motor drives and machines, various modes of operation, multi-phase control converters and choppers. Students will design multiple-order transfer functions, experiment with closed loop operation of DC motor drives, a speed controlled drive system, pulse-width modulation and steady state analysis. The skills gained in this course will enable students to perform various tasks related to high power semiconductor devices, digital signal processing, and efficient electrical energy. Motor drives have wide spread applications in today’s industry such as machine tools, elevators, cranes, transportation, and an extensive list of other modern applications. NOTE: This course requires the student to purchase additional materials that are not covered by the book grant. Please refer to the Course Materials section for additional details. (Prerequisite: ELEN435)