ELEN435 Introduction to Power Electronics (4 semester hours)

This course takes a student with a basic understanding of circuit analysis and introduces them to the functionality, topography, and regulation of power electronic devices. Students will become skilled in power computations based on load design, conversion of DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/DC, and AC/AC circuits, rectifiers, voltage controllers, power supplies, inverters, and operations of semiconductor devices, and basic switching circuits. Students will also delve into software tools with embedded power electronic equations to simulate and investigate the behavior of power electronic circuits under various load settings and heat sync scenarios. They will also utilize software to experiment and manipulate power electronic equations and observe voltage and current waveforms. NOTE: This course requires the student to purchase additional materials that are not covered by the book grant. Please refer to the Course Materials section for additional details. (Prerequisites: ELEN306 and ELEN325)