ELEN315 Energy Conversion Processes and Power Systems (3 semester hours)

This course presents concepts related to energy conversion and transport and provides the foundation for understanding power generation and distribution. Energy conversion in electrical, electromagnetic, electromechanical and electrochemical systems will be discussed. Different forms of power generation, both AC and DC, will be covered along with single-phase and three-phase power, transmission lines, and transformers. The course will also cover AC and DC motors, motor control, power measurement, switches and rectifiers. An introduction to power electronics will be also be presented, demonstrating the circuits used to interface both traditional and emerging alternative energy sources to the existing distribution system and homes. The course will center on a practical understanding of individual components and applying this knowledge to discussions of large and small scale energy systems, Students will gain the fundamental skill set to understand our electrical grid and power generation. (Prerequisites: ELEN202 and ELEN350)