ELEN307 Digital Circuit Theory (4 semester hours)

This course presents digital and logic circuit analysis and design. The course covers six main parts: Boolean algebra and Boolean function simplification; basic logic gates, combinational functional blocks, and combinational circuit design using gates and functional blocks; digital circuit description by VHDL language; basic flip-flops, sequential circuit analysis and design; registers, static and dynamic memories, ROM and RAM, programmable logic devices, and field programmable gate arrays (FPGA’s); and register transfer language, basic computer structure, operation and design. Students will be introduced to the concepts of digital circuit theory and design, will practice with circuit analysis software, will gain solid skills to analyze and design digital circuits for various applications, and will get familiar with the structure and operation of a digital processor.NOTE: This course requires the student to purchase additional materials that are not covered by the book grant. Please refer to the Course Materials section for additional details. (Prerequisite: ELEN305)