EDUC525 Classroom Management (3 semester hours)

This course examines classroom- management models, including theoretical and empirical approaches to classroom management. The course helps candidates develop appropriate classroom management skills, including decision-making and problem solving; explore the merits and limitations of each classroom-management model; and examine the rationale for when each approach to classroom management would be most appropriately implemented. The course also presents concepts of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation; the concept of self-motivation; assertive, positive, and cooperative discipline methods; and examines the interactions of classroom environment, classroom behavior, and learning. Candidates will focus on implementing practical strategies for both preventing and managing disruptive behaviors. Topics include establishing effective classroom rules and procedures, relationships among students, teachers, families, and administrators, and helping students contribute to a positive and relevant learning environment. A field observation classroom experience where candidates apply what they are learning is a requirement of this course.