EDMG220 Emergency Planning (3 semester hours)

Effective emergency planning is the key to surviving natural and man-made disasters. Risk analysis and the formulation of a comprehensive plan, followed by a vigorous and continuing testing program, are essential elements to surviving an emergency. Topics covered include threat assessment, risk analysis, the formulation of a plan, emergency operations center (EOC) staffing, coordination with supporting agencies, the importance of liaison continuity, actual incident management, and effective follow-up analysis. Various actual case studies are discussed. Students build upon their knowledge and use the Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA) developed in EDMG101. If they have not taken the course, a generic completed HVA will be provided to develop a section of an Emergency Operation Plan. Students will also have the ability to work through a self-paced optional “refresher” module on the creation of the HVA.

Bachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management - Momentum


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Bachelor of Science in Fire Science Management - Momentum


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