DATS499 Senior Capstone Project (3 semester hours)

This Capstone course is intended to be the last course taken by seniors prior to completing their bachelor’s degree. It is intended to give seniors the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have gained throughout their program of study. At the start of this course, students will be presented with a complex, real-world problem. As they consider this problem, they will restate it in a format consistent with conducting a data analysis. They will acquire the data needed and pre-process that data as required. They will determine the best method of analysis depending on the problem and the data. They will conduct the analysis obtaining preliminary results, and evaluate the analysis and the results to determine if any adjustments to parameters or hyperparameters need to be made. They will obtain the final results, i.e. the solution to the problem. Last, they will generate a written report and an oral presentation that discusses the problem, the data, the analysis including any parameters or hyperparameters used, the results, and their evaluation of the analysis and results. It is intended that the report and presentation be of sufficiently high quality to serve as part of the student’s portfolio for job interviews or applications to graduate school. (Intended to be the last course in the program)