COMM255 Digital Tools and Media in Communication (3 semester hours)

Digital Tools and Media in Communication is a basic course in digital tools and media in communication, which enables our students to situate their communication studies within the modern technical world. The course gives students exposure to modern technology through the communication lens and provides students with opportunities to explore and evaluate digital tools and media for communication purposes. Throughout the course, students will progress in standards published in 2015 by the National Communication Association as those Communication majors should know, understand, and be able to demonstrate as part of the Communication degree program. This course introduces principles of composition and design, presentation, and evaluation across varied modes of communication using modern tools, apps, cloud services, programs, and social media.Course topics include mass media communication strategies, music tools, podcasts, video conferencing, blogging, mobile messaging, social networking, internet broadcasting, live streaming, and new and emerging technologies, evaluation, and application.