BUSN320 Principles of E Business (3 semester hours)

This course is a study of the fundamental principles of e-business. Students will learn how to build a successful e-business operation with step-by-step guidance for writing an e-business plan and simplified guidance for the development and management of a start-up customer focused website. Students will select an e-business of their choice and, using worksheets from their textbooks, follow a step-by-step process to develop eight sections of the e-business plan: business description, product and services, marketplace analysis, marketing planning, management and organization, operations, business location and equipment, and financial plans. Students will integrate basic start-up web site design plans and concepts into their e-business plan. The major objective of this course is for every student to apply the principles of e-business, e-marketing and basic website design and develop an e-business plan for immediate application or for future reference.