BIOL202 Principles of Microbiology with Lab (4 semester hours)

This course includes the study of the history of Microbiology, as well as the fundamentals of microbe staining, culture and growth. We will also focus on sterilization, disinfection and antimicrobial therapies that help to keep microbes in check. Finally, the course will focus on microbial infections of the skin, eyes and wounds as well as the urogenital, respiratory, oral gastrointestinal and nervous systems. This course includes a laboratory component that allows the student to explore exercises in the principles and concepts of microbiology. This course is designed for students with interests in basic science, microbiology and the medical professions. NOTE: Students may take either BIOL202 or SCIN202 for credit, but not both versions of microbiology. (Prerequisites: BIOL133 or SCIN130)