BIOL133 General Biology I with Lab (4 semester hours)

This course provides a foundational basis for the study of basic biology. It is the first in a two-part biology series that is designed for students who intend to complete a degree that requires a majors-level biology course. Topics in in this course include an introduction to the molecular basis of life, biology of the cell, genetic and molecular biology, evolution and diversity of life on Earth. The laboratory portion of this course will include hands-on as well as virtual laboratories that complement the topics and concepts covered in the lecture component. Some of the laboratory activities require the use of glass or sharp laboratory instruments; therefore, students must have a safe work area available to perform laboratory activities. Students must also have room temperature storage available in order to maintain laboratory materials and specimens and access to very hot or boiling water. In addition, students must be able to document their laboratory work using still pictures and/or video.