Learning Track programs are available to students who seek a very short program focused on career or professional development needs. Students are required to first take the two-week orientation, COLL599 - Classroom Success, and then take three courses for a total of nine semester hours. In some cases, credits from a Learning Track program can be applied to a Master’s degree. Students may pursue a learning track separate from a Master’s degree and at a later date apply these credits to their Master’s degree. However, students are not permitted to enroll concurrently in multiple programs in the same academic discipline. For example, a student who had previously completed a Learning Track in Information Systems Security might be able to apply those credits toward a Master of Information Technology with a concentration in Information Assurance and Security; however, a student may not be enrolled in both at the same time. Students may not use military tuition assistance, GI Bill, or federal student aid to pay for learning track courses. Cash or civilian employer tuition assistance may be used.