HOSP610 Event Coordination and Management (3 semester hours)

The ability to coordinate and manage various types of events requires excellent attention to detail in achieving the events' components. In this course, you will explore different types and scopes of events coordination in various settings. You will apply multiple management styles in leading diverse work teams. Also, as part of this course, you will learn first-hand how to select an event site location, conduct a needs assessment, and develop practical proposals and agreements for a specific event project. You will analyze the challenges event planners face when coordinating and managing events, working with vendors and sponsors, and create solutions to mitigate these challenges. Finally, you will evaluate the various marketing strategies used by event professionals to market their event projects.

HOSP620 Financial Planning and Management for Events (3 semester hours)

This course is designed to give you a fundamental understanding of the financial statements that event managers must consider when preparing their events. You will develop event budgets and goals for an event project. You will examine the factors that impact an event's profitability and identify negotiation strategies that contribute to an increase in Return-On-Investment (ROI). As part of this course, you will apply practical methods when making complex financial decision-making in producing various components of an event project. Finally, you will evaluate measures that can improve revenue optimization in an organization.

HOSP630 Event Risk Management and Safety (3 semester hours)

This course provides an overview of the risk management and safety procedures required in event planning and execution. Emphasis is placed on exploring safety regulations and health security, crisis management, and the liability issues and duty of care to event management. You will examine various methods to identify and mitigate risks in event execution. You will assess ways to implement practices that abide by the American with Disabilities (ADA) Act during site selection, event registration, and admission. Finally, you will evaluate the challenges event managers face with overcrowding and when switching from face-to-face to virtual events during an emergency.

HOSP640 Leadership in Meeting and Event Planning (3 semester hours)

This course will examine the fundamental understanding of leadership theories and systems approaches to leadership as they apply to planning and executing events. Students will analyze the broad spectrum of sustainability and identify ways to implement best practices into event planning and design in the present and potentially the future. Students will apply the best strategies in recruiting staff and volunteers, evaluate staff performance, and create event policies to include diversity and inclusion. Students will further examine the challenges leaders face in today’s organizations and create a proposal to facilitate meeting and event planning in various settings.